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    My Simple Christmas Bucket List

    My Simple Christmas Bucket List

    November 12, 2019

    I can’t help it, I’m excited for Christmas. It might seem a little early to make a Christmas bucket list, but I don’t care! I’m over the edge into the Christmas season.

    This Christmas bucket list has an emphasis on making Christ the center of everything we do to celebrate this year. However, I feel like everything I do can be done to the glory of God, so not every item has a specific Christ component- like drink hot chocolate. I have kept items off my list that have to do with Santa, or commercialism and things like that.

    A Christmas Bucket List for 2019:

    • Look at Christmas lights
    • Watch my favorite Christmas movie (mine is “It’s a Wonderful Life”)
    • Read the Christmas story from Luke 2
    • Bake Christmas cookies
    • Take a treat to a friend
    • Snuggle under a blanket with hot chocolate
    • Set up my Nativity scenes
    • Sing Christmas carols
    • Make a Christmas craft
    • Do a random act of kindness
    • Drink apple cider
    My Christmas Bucket List
    • Read the “Best Christmas Pageant Ever”
    • Learn about Christmas in another country
    • Make a new Christmas ornament
    • Go to Christmas Eve service
    • Celebrate Advent
    • Play car games while we travel
    • Watch Charlie Brown Christmas
    • Read the origin of the candy cane
    • Have a candy cane hunt
    • Start a new tradition

    A Simple Christmas

    I want this year to be a simple Christmas. Instead of rushing and trying to fit as much in as I can, I plan to enjoy our days. I want to take it slow with the girls and have moments instead of madness.

    If you also are on the hunt for a simpler Christmas, have a look at my Kid’s Christmas Discipleship Bundle. Not only would you knock off a few items from this list, but you would have a chance to be intentional in the way you approach Christmas this year.

    This bundle begins with a devotion for each day leading up to Christmas. It has song links for family worship and activities made to make kids think about the meaning of Christmas.

    I was very intentional about what to include in the Kid’s Christmas Disicpleship Bundle. It begins with Genesis and takes a broad look at how the story of Christ’s birth fits into the big picture of our faith. It explains why we needed Jesus to be born and what we should do about his life and death.

    For fun there are Christmas recipes that are simple enough to make with kids and games to reinforce the lessons. Each day will take only a few minutes, but will focus your family on Jesus this Christmas.

    The Kid’s Christmas Discipleship Bundle includes:

    • Daily Devotions
    • Song links to go with each day’s devotions
    • Fun Christmas activities, crafts and recipes to reinforce the devotions
    • A reading plan for you, the parent as you go through the devotions with your kids
    • A big picture look at the story of the Bible and how Jesus’ birth fits into God’s plan

    Get the Bundle here.

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