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4 Prayer Strategies to Pray over Your Kids

September 22, 2018

As a mom I spend more time praying for my kids, than for any other thing in my life. I want so much to help them to be wise, to avoid the stupid things I have done. I want them to know Jesus as their Savior.

I wanted to share four prayer strategies I use to pray over my kids on a regular basis.

I have so many memories of camping as a family when I was a preteen. We seemed to attract weather wherever we camped. I have more memories of sleeping out the night in the car than in our tent. Once the wind was so strong that it was pulling the stakes out of the sandy ground where we had pitched the tent.

But we loved it. It was our family coming together to do something (make it through the night?). I never realized then how much effort it took from my parents to make each camping trip happen!

So, this weekend we finally took the leap and took our three girls on their first camping trip. It was so much fun! My twins (C and L) ate it up, they were ready to do everything from helping put up the tent to looking for firewood.

We camped near a stream and so they spotted all kinds of insects and a few fish. We walked to a bridge and played Pooh Sticks.

It was a bit of a bummer when we realized that we had forgotten several of our pillows at home, but we rolled up blankets and everyone embraced the ‘roughing it’ idea. We all loved every minute until we woke up to forty degree weather!

The plan was to have a hot breakfast and then hike, but with the dew from the night we couldn’t get a fire going. Finally we packed everything into the van and headed back to town.

We drove to a gas station for some coffee. Coffee helps everything seem better and once we warmed up we found a hiking trail. The views were amazing! The leaves were starting to turn yellow on the aspens so we may have to drive back up for a day hike in a few more weeks to get the full color.

All three girls voted the trip a success, and at least we didn’t end up in the car halfway through the night!

I prayed so much for this trip. I wanted to share with my kids some of the fun I had camping as a kid, and I wanted it to be something that could bring our family closer together. Over the weekend I prayed for a lot of things to go well, but I also thought a lot about my regular prayers for my kids.

Raising kids to have a biblical worldview is a BATTLE! Like the cold permeated our tent, evil is trying to get into their lives. They are surrounded everyday by messages that tear down Christ’s teachings. We have to pray proactively that they would be saturated with Jesus!

So I have compiled a list of four strategic prayers to pray over your kids:

Pray they would have a love for God’s word.

Psalm 19:7-11 When you are rooted in God’s word you will be aware of sin in your life.

If you pray nothing else for your children, pray that they would love God’s word. If they return again and again to his word they will seek his will, they will be wise. In hard times they will fall on his promises and find comfort from scripture.

Lead by example, let them ‘catch’ you at the breakfast table having your quiet time. Have your audio Bible app playing on your smart phone while you clean the bathroom. Let them see how important it is to be surrounded by scripture.

Pray that they would receive good instruction.

1 Samuel 12:23 Your kids will receive instruction from many people in their lives. Teachers, preachers, peers, (hopefully you are already seeking God in the instruction you give them).

Pray that they will be wise in discerning good from bad instruction. Also, pray that they would receive good instruction! God already knows every person who will cross their path today. You can’t check every word that is said to them, but he already knows what they will hear.

Pray that they will not lose heart.

Luke 18:1-8 Thankfully God is not like the callous judge in Jesus’ parable! Pray that your kids would know that they can bring their requests before God.

When my twins were preschoolers and they would have a nightmare, we always prayed with them that God would take away their bad dreams and replace them with good ones. It was amazing to see how this calmed them.

They could see that I expected God to take care of them so they expected the same thing. Not once in my memory did they ever fall back to sleep and have a second bad dream.

Pray your own requests to God in the presence of your children! Let them know when he answers your prayers and be happy about answered prayer together.

Pray the will of God over them.

Romans 8:26-27 Pray that your children would be sensitive to God’s will for their lives. This may be the most difficult thing on this list for a parent to pray.

Sometimes God’s path will take your child through a hard season. Hard times shape us and bring us closer to God.

I would love to step in and take away hard things like sickness or the struggle to find new friends. But it may be that those things are being used by God help them reach someone in the future who needs to know him. Always share with God what you hope for. Then always, always leave it in his hands.

Here is a free printable I made so that you can teach your kids to pray specifically. My kids were excited to write prayers on them and hang them on the wall by their bed. C wrote a prayer to help her when she has nightmares. I’ll be talking with them more about using these as they grow, but I love that they are learning to pray about the important things in their lives. Click here to download the cards and get access to my Free Resource Library.

Prayer cards for kids to use when they pray.

So there you go! Four things to pray over your children along with some scriptures. What do you regularly pray over your children?

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