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    6 Books That Have Impacted my Faith

    6 Christian Books That Have Impacted My Faith

    October 30, 2018

    These books have each opened my eyes to a facet of my Christian faith in a new way. I love reading. When I was a kid, mom would tell me to go play outside and I would promptly sneak a book outside, climb a tree and read there instead.

    It’s hard to find time to read as much as I want as a mom. I usually turn to audio books these days. This season of my life makes it difficult to sit down with a book in hand, but there are so many audio book options now that I am usually in the middle of a book. Kindle app on my phone also helps me make sure that I can always have a book in hand wherever I am.

    This is a list of some of the six most impactful Christian books I have read. While making this list I had to stop several times to look one of these up on my library website, because I haven’t seen my copy in a while and I’m itching to reread them.

    This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure here.

    Books That Have Impacted me as a Believer

    And the Word Came With Power, Joanne Shetler

    This book is a great reminder that Christianity looks very different in other parts of the world. We live so comfortably in first world countries comparatively. This is the story of a woman who is a missionary to the Balangao people in the Philippines. She isn’t perfect, but she obeys God and he uses her in such a powerful way. This is a powerful lesson in being available to God in whatever your current circumstance is.

    The Case For Christ, Lee Strobel

    If you have ever felt inadequate in arguing your faith, this is a great place to begin. It would be a great book to read with a friend or family member who is not a believer. You could sit down to have discussions about your faith after each chapter. It is so encouraging to read as a believer, there is so much more to historically back up my faith than I realized. God truly is amazing.

    The Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Lawrence

    This is an older book. It consists mainly of letters written by a monk named Brother Lawrence. Brother Lawrence decided that his life should worship God with every act. Whether he was cooking or cleaning, or ministering to a person in prayer. He did every act placed before him as though God had handed it to him personally.

    Its such a short read, but so powerful. Especially as a mom, I found that it convicted me about the small acts that make up my day, and my attitude towards them. I hope that doing the dishes and laundry can become such an offering to God that it is a witness to my kids.

    The Simple Faith of Mr Rogers, Amy Hollingsworth

    Mr Rogers almost seems too good to be true. I almost didn’t read this book because I wondered if he would hold up to what I wanted him to be. God really convicted me about the gentleness of my character while listening to this book. This might be my favorite read on this list. There is something comforting and convicting in the life of Mr Rogers.

    Such an open and honest book. I had many emotional moments while listening and was so impressed by the fact that Mr Rogers was the same man regardless of whether he was speaking to congress or to a four year old fan.

    6 Books That Have Impacted My Faith

    The Insanity of Obedience, Nik Ripkin

    The best way to describe this book is that it shook me. I am so spoiled and comfortable here in the United States. The best message that I received from this book was that I always have the freedom to share my faith. Always. It might mean the loss of a job or a friend, but there is always that freedom. And how can I say no after reading of the strength of the believers talked about in this book?

    Fervent, Priscilla Shirer

    Even though I knew about spiritual warfare before reading this book, I never thought about it in this way. Priscilla Shirer is a powerful writer. Prayer is our most powerful weapon against spiritual forces.

    While reading this book I never felt like I had enough time to really spend in each chapter. I prayed and asked God to help me get up earlier. Getting up early doesn’t come naturally to me and I had a two year old at the time I read this. God began waking me up early in the morning. I would go in my closet and close the door and spend time with him in this book and in the word and in prayer. This book really convicted me about the power of prayer.

    I’m always looking for my next read! I’d love to hear what you are currently reading and what is your favorite book for spiritual growth. Also, if you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up here for my free Mini Bible Study over the book of Ephesians!