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I am not good enough

I am Not Good Enough

October 12, 2018

I am not good enough. The living room needs mopping. The bathrooms are dirty. If we go anywhere today I might need to Febreeze one of my children before we leave the house. There are a lot of ways that success can be measured, and there are a lot of those ways that I clearly don’t cut it.

Sometimes I can put on a good face. Maybe I can be the mom in the park who happens to have a band aide in her purse when my kids scrapes her knee. But its a facade. I yell at my kids, get impatient with my husband and I am selfish. I am not good enough.

I’m Not the Only One Who Isn’t Good Enough

The good news is that no one is good enough, Adam and Eve were the first to fail. When they chose to try to be like God they chose death. The first blood was spilled to make them clothes. The earth got worse after them. Cain killed Abel, men spilled each others blood.

It became so bad that God considered wiping out humanity. But Noah walked with God. So instead God ‘reset’ the earth and he saved Noah and his family. When they came off the ark after the flood God told them not to eat the flesh with the blood. He wanted them to realize the importance of life. Not to take life for granted.

God made a covenant with Noah, that he would never again destroy the earth. But before the chapter ends, we can already see that Noah’s sons aren’t good enough either.

His Plan is in Motion

As heartbreaking as it is to see humans throw away their second chance, God was not surprised. In fact all this talk of blood is a foreshadowing of God’s plan. God’s covenant with Noah was the first of many covenants he would make with humans. These covenants came with the shedding of blood. Each time God made a covenant with man, an animal was sacrificed. When sin is involved blood is spilled.

When Jesus came to the earth, he came to complete the plan God set in motion ever since that horrible day in the garden. Jesus prepares the disciples for this during the Lord’s Supper the night before he was crucified.

Oh the contrast though! Now instead of saying do not eat the blood, Jesus says you MUST eat my flesh and drink my blood to be saved. All those animals sacrificed through the ages could not do the job well enough. The sacrifice had to happen anytime someone sinned. They were a stopgap until God could do something better. Jesus came,and lived a perfect life on this earth so that his blood could save us once and for all.

What Now?

I feel like this is my life question- what now? Anytime I read the Bible I want to come away changed. Now that Jesus died on the cross. A perfect man died in a horrible way for the scum of the earth (that’s us). So what happens now for humanity? Well I’m glad you asked! NOW we have the chance to receive no condemnation. We were being led to the gallows and at the moment that the noose was to be put around our neck, Jesus stepped in our place.

The law that God put in place ages ago was too much for us. Our sinful nature weakened it to the point of uselessness. But instead of the death that we deserve to die, we are set free.

The Choice is Yours

There is more to it. Even the demons believe. But they are not saved by Jesus’ grace. In order to have the life that Jesus’ blood offers we have to die too. It sounds foolish, but we die to our old behavior. Jesus lives in us instead. He calls the shots, his opinion is the only one that matters. We hold out our hearts to him and we let go, and live in the faith that he is in charge of our lives. In him we are made new, in him we who could never approach being holy on our own, are made perfect in his sight.

Children in church learn the ‘ABC’s.’ Admit-that you are a sinner and that you need God’s forgiveness. Believe- that Jesus is the Son of God. Confess- that Jesus is the Lord of your life. They learn this because it is simple enough for even a child to understand. I am not good enough. He is.


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