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Saying 'yes' to God

Asking God How to Give my ‘Yes’

October 14, 2018

When we had been married for about a year, my husband was called to pastor a tiny church in a small town in Texas. We lived in Fort Worth at the time, and had driven the hour away to preach in view of a call, and then had gone back the next week to preach again. The same night that the church voted to call Ken as pastor I found out I was pregnant. We moved with the help of the church, and a few months later we received more good news; it was twins. I was in so much shock I asked the doctor to repeat herself three times!

For a while after they were born I stayed home with the girls on Sunday nights because protecting their sleep schedules was so important to our week. I continually reminded myself that there is a season for everything, and one day I would be able to leave the house again. They grew and I prepared to go to church on Sunday night again, two little ones in arm.

An Unlikely Service

This particular church had a Sunday morning pianist who lived a ways away, and could not make it for Sunday night service. I had taken lessons for a while as a child, and was feeling convicted that I should try to help out with the music on Sunday night. There were so many obstacles. How could I play the piano when I had, not one, but two babies? I didn’t have a piano at home. When would I find the time to practice? I felt so overwhelmed, but I also felt that I should give God my ‘yes.’

That first Sunday night I was so nervous. I knew four songs, and I had practiced them all week long until my fingers ached. Each evening after putting the girls to bed I would drive up to the church to use the piano in the cold sanctuary to practice. I must have played those songs hundreds of times that week to get ready.

When we got to church that week, Ken announced that I would be playing for the service. He typically led the music on Sunday night and almost instantly two women in our church offered to hold the girls. I was so thankful. I had never played for our service before, and my hands shook the whole time I played.

When I finished and went to get the girls to take them back to the nursery, one of the ladies offered to take the girls for me. Without fail, every week Betty took the girls back to the nursery after worship on Sunday night. I cannot say how wonderful it was to sit in service those evenings and worship, knowing that my kids were taken care of.

Many people took turns in the nursery on Sunday mornings as well and I was very grateful for their service, but I knew that Betty came and gave up her seat in evening worship specifically to take care of my kids week after week so that I could have that break.

A few months later the regular pianist for our church found out that she needed back surgery, and with only a weeks’ notice I became the full time pianist for our church. God took my ‘yes’ to a small job and began preparing me for a bigger ‘yes.’  Betty’s ‘yes’ to keeping my kids busy during the service helped make mine possible.

The Exceptional ‘Yes’

A few years later I had a third girl, and mostly was able to keep her with me on Sunday nights since she was only one baby to mind. When H was nine months old my father in law passed away suddenly in his home. My mom took the twins and together Ken, H and I traveled to Oklahoma to go to his funeral.

I desperately wanted to be able to say goodbye to this man who I had grown to love over the previous years. He was so precious to us. Ken wanted to speak at his service, and I was nervous for him. I wanted to support him, but there was no childcare for the service. I sat nervously with my wiggly crawler, praying that she would be quiet. Of course, the second Ken got up to speak she began to squirm even more. She started to fuss; she could see Daddy after all.

I got up, as quietly as I could, from the second row of the church and went to stand at the back of the room, hoping that if I walked with her she would quiet down. I had barely reached the back when an elderly woman, who I’m sure had come from my father in law’s Sunday school class to pay her respects, approached me. She held out her arms, this woman who I had never seen before and said “Give me that baby so you can go sit down.”

She took H to the church nursery, and when I went and found them after the service ended, H was asleep in her arms. I knew that God had sent her for that reason, and she gave her ‘yes’ that day so that I could be where I needed to be, and where my husband needed me to be.

Give God your 'Yes'

The New and Exciting ‘Yes’

Now, several years later, my family is a part of a larger church. There are so many talented musicians in our current church that there isn’t really a need for me to play. At first I felt a little sad that I wasn’t needed in the music service, but it didn’t take long for God to convict my heart again.

I found myself thinking again and again about the church nursery.  I know firsthand that a nursery lets someone else have a chance to give their ‘yes.’ I’m so honored that God has allowed me to serve in our nursery now that my kids don’t need to be in it anymore.  I want to be the person that helps make it possible for someone else to say ‘yes’

What Does Your ‘Yes’ Mean?

Saying ‘yes’ to God in the little things, lets him know that you can be trusted with the big things.

It’s tempting to believe that saying ‘yes’ to the little things will bring us little blessings, but the opposite is true. He will pour on more blessings than you can count when you obey. Committing to stumble through a few songs on Sunday night isn’t the usual way to become a church pianist for seven years. In fact if I had thought that it was, I would have struggled even more with my ‘yes.’

It was the week after week of being blessed in worshiping him that prepared my heart to be used in a way I wouldn’t have considered. I challenge you to give God your ‘yes’ for one year. Let him put whatever he wants in your path and decide now that your answer will be ‘yes,’ then see what great things he will do for you.

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