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5 Christian Resources to use with your kids

5 Christian Resources to Use With My Kids

October 19, 2018

Whew! This week has flown by! I decided to finish off the week with a roundup of my absolute favorite Christian resources to use with my kids. We have used all of these with great results.

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This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure here.

Day by Day Begin-to-Read Bible

We absolutely love this kids Bible. I have used several others and none compares to this one. It is geared towards kids learning to read as the title implies, but it is so much more useful than that. We started by reading this to our four year old twins. We went through it once or twice as a family.

Then when they learned to read for themselves, they LOVED having a Bible just for them. Now we have been using it with H for the last year or so. It reads well enough that it doesn’t feel like the big girls have to listen to a baby Bible. They have fond memories of using it and the stories hold up even though they are almost ten (what? my babies are almost ten??)

The exceptional thing about this Bible is that it does more than just retell the stories of the Bible. It includes entries from Psalms, the Prophets and Paul’s Letters. We have had this for over five years, and still have at least another year’s use from it since H will be reading it for herself soon.

The Garden, The Curtain, and The Cross

This book would make a great Christmas gift. It tells the story of the Bible in one picture book. Beginning with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and explaining in detail our separation from God. It clearly tells the reasons behind the temple curtain, why Jesus died on the cross, and what that means for us.

All my kids love this book. It has gorgeous color illustrations and a beautiful telling of the story. I feel like many adults could improve their understanding of the old versus the new covenant by reading this book.

Money Matters for Kids

It is so important to teach kids about money management! This book is a fun way to talk about all things money. It addresses everything from tithing, budgeting and using credit, to honesty and generosity regarding money. I love that it is making my kids start to think through some of these concepts while they are still young. It has lots of fun stories and jokes and riddles, so they look forward to reading it together. We have had lots of good discussions come out of reading this book.

Memory Verse Card Box

This is a free resource used by home school families. But there’s no reason not to make use of such a great idea for your family no matter how you educate your kids. The idea of the memory verse box is super simple. It starts with an index card box and tab dividers. The front of the box is the verse you are learning, and as you learn verses you can shift them behind tabs labeled for even/odd, days of the week and dates of the month.

  1. Learn a verse.
  2. Place it behind the even/odd tab in your memory box so that you will review it every other day.
  3. Learn a new verse.
  4. As you learn verses, place them further back in the review section of your box so that you keep looking at verses you know well and you don’t forget them.

As you learn new verses you will review the old ones on even and odd days, and then days to correspond with the days of the week and the dates of the month. Once you have been reviewing a verse for long enough you will only review it twelve times a year. (see the video here)

This is an excellent system for committing verses to memory in a way that you don’t forget them. I use this idea loosely with my personal scripture memory (though I need to get myself a box). This is also a great way to learn verses as a family and review them if you have a nightly prayer time. If you prefer a version besides ESV which is the free printable, you could easily write out your own verses for a box.

Family Prayer Guide

New printable for you! This printable is based on prayer guide cards that my parents used with our family when I was a kid. Its so easy for kids (and adults) to get in a rut at nightly or mealtime prayer. These are meant to help your family think outside the box during your family prayer.

Cards to guide kids in family prayer time

Each card lists a place to write in the name of a pastor (or staff member or staff spouse), a missionary, a teacher, and a government official. These are all intentionally the same. Pray as a family for multiple people who fit these categories. If you don’t know enough missionary families to put a different one on each card, check with your church to find some. Put your kids school teachers on the cards and teachers your family knows personally.

Then each night shuffle up the cards and pass them out. Have each person pray for a different card each night. Add and cross out other prayer requests as they are answered on the extra lines of the cards. On the backs note the dates that important prayer requests are answered so that you can look back and remember those victories.

Make sure your kids know that they don’t have to only pray for what is written on the card they are holding. encourage them to pray for other things they want to, but explain that the things written down are things that you want to pray for as a family nightly. This can really help your kids grow in how they pray.

Get the cards here.


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