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Decluttering My Life

Decluttering My Life One Category at a Time

February 1, 2019

I had very big plans for my decluttering project that I have taken on, but life got in the way. Between a sinus infection/cold that I had, a cancelled eye surgery for Ken and miscellaneous shenanigans, here I am an entire week after I had planned to declutter my kitchen and I have completed my pantry. Pathetic tuba sounds here. I’m starting to see why Marie Kondo says that it takes six months to declutter an entire house ‘all at once.’ If you don’t know about Marie Kondo, you might want to take a look at my first post about decluttering here. Still, I did complete my pantry, and our school supplies, so I wanted to share the pictures.

Before- Decluttering the Pantry

I snagged pictures of the before for our school supplies, but I somehow forgot the before of the pantry, but I did snap a picture of part of the chaos of sorting it on our kitchen table. Look at all the peanut butter!

Declutter my Pantry

After- Pantry

This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure here.

It was a huge improvement! I have to say I was pretty surprised at the amount of just plain old stuff I had in there. With all of the health issues we’ve had in the last few years I have tried a half a dozen different diets and I had quite a few ingredients that were very expired, or opened and not something I will use. I also found a few spice jars made of metal….. they remind me of my grandma’s house for some reason? Who knows where those are from! Since they were showing signs of rust at the corners and were absolutely full I decided they could go.

Decluttered Pantry

I was able to make enough room in the pantry to add a couple appliances that were in the way elsewhere and to get all my hot tea off my kitchen counter and in one spot. This was completely worth the time! It didn’t take as long as I was afraid it would, and its so much easier to find what I need. Also I found what I don’t need, which apparently is peanut butter.

Organized Peanut Butter

The best part was that I didn’t need to go and buy a bunch of containers to make it work, I already had some Dollar store containers and the wire rack on the door of the pantry so this project cost zero dollars. I do love the wire rack, and if you are running out of space it is a great solution for storage. Here is a similar one on Amazon.

My purple top containers are from Dollar Tree, but if I ever need more I won’t be able to get the same ones, but I did see these on Amazon which look very affordable and come with labels.

Before- Decluttering School Supplies

Our school stuff was a whole other ball game. We home school, and over the last few years we have ended up with a pile of school stuff. Some we don’t use, some we use, some we used to use.  I thought it would take an hour at the most, but it ended up being an afternoon project. We had so much more than I thought we did.

School Supplies Organization

We had things in three locations, my hutch in the kitchen, the bookshelf in the kitchen and a set of plastic drawers which fits between the dressers in our bedroom. all three were disasters! I mean I kind of expect that because after all they are used by kids, but still it was a little ridiculous.

Cluttered School Supplies

I piled up everything on the kitchen table and started making three piles; toss (or recycle), keep, and donate.

Organizing School Supplies

After-School Supplies

In the end, I emptied our hutch completely of school supplies, and I have three empty drawers in the plastic drawers available. Get these plastic drawers here.

Organized Plastic Drawers

Cluttered Drawer Organized Drawer

I ended up cutting a cardboard box to make a divider for this drawer, it added so much space to the drawer without getting rid of any of my precious sharpies. Now all our school stuff is in two locations- the shelf and the drawers.

Decluttered School Shelf

I have sorted and organized our house so many times, but Marie Kondo  promises that with her method I won’t have to do this ever again. I can see how that is more likely with her emphasis on getting rid of items you don’t need and storing things where you can see them. What’s your opinion? Have you ever done a project like this?

Decluttering My Life One Category at a Time

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