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KonMari Kitchen

KonMari: Kitchen

February 15, 2019

Its been a few weeks since I started the declutter process in our house. The whole family passed colds around for a while and put a hold on the process, but we have bounced back and decided to jump right back in where we left off. I was dreading doing the KonMari process in my kitchen since the beginning. So when my husband had an extra day off work he offered to help out and we dove in. If you haven’t seen my first post about KonMari and how it fits into a biblical world view, start here.

The main reason I was dreading it so much, was because I knew I had 4-6 boxes of kitchen stuff in the garage that couldn’t  fit into our kitchen after we moved. One of the motivations behind this declutter however, was that I owned things I couldn’t use, and that someone else could. So Ken and I carried in the boxes and covered out kitchen table from the cabinets.

The Mess

Before we were done, we had filled the kitchen table several times over. We got rid of about 8 boxes of donations and trash.

KonMari Kitchen

Messy Kitchen Table

We seriously had so much stuff. I love to cook, so I don’t mind having things I use, even if I don’t use them very often. But I don’t like having things that I don’t plan to use, or that I can’t use because it’s packed away.


I knew my cabinets could be arranged better, and it really helped to take every single item out, even though it was a huge pain. My cluttered countertop was absolutely driving me crazy!

cluttered countertopmessy cabinets


It took us about 4-5 hours, but it was completely worth it! I can see my countertops, and the cabinets are so much more user friendly.

KonMari counter

KonMari Countertop

KonMari Kitchen Cabinet

I feel so much lighter when I enter the room. Just having the counters cleaned off, makes me feel so much better. For a while I wanted to have it be neater and less cluttered , but just wasn’t sure how to go about it.  I can already tell that I will be able to use what is in my kitchen so much more easily. I did end up putting three boxes back in the garage.

One small box that is actually a plastic tub with things I use every few months or so. It’s clear, so I can see everything inside and easily grab what I need. Another box has things that I use only once a year, in fact it is tea party things for our Valentine’s tea party which is my tradition with the girls. The third box holds things that I will want if we ever have a larger kitchen, different storage things etc. that I can’t use now, but might in the future.

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KonMari Kitchen

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