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My Completely Honest Review of the by Hopefuel (1)

My Completely Honest Review of the Hope Planner by Hopefuel

October 16, 2019

Edit: Since writing this review, HopeFuel has released a planner with a weekly spread! Check it out here!

I am a planner person. It is so hard (for me) to choose a planner because I feel like I don’t really know if it will work for me until I hold it in my hands. I’ve been on the lookout for a Christian Planner for a couple of years now. Especially one that would give me space to journal my quiet time. I don’t often post reviews of products, but when I saw this planner I was so excited, I had to share it.

This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure here.

The Hope Planner is designed to create a space for your quiet time on your daily to do list. There is no such thing as a one size fits all planner, so I wanted to give you my comepletely honest review of the Hope Planner so you can decide if it would work for you.

The Hope Planner, was designed by Heather Vreeland to be more intentional about having her daily quiet time. She wanted to add it to her to-do list in a way that encouraged her to make this a priority every day. I love this idea! I highly encourage you to watch her video on how she first came up with the idea for this planner.

What the Hope Planner Does:

Provides a space for daily journaling.

The Hope Planner gives the top of each daily page to use for journaling Scripture and prayer during your quiet time. I love this because if you miss your quiet time you are going to have a big blank space missing from the top. Just from an aesthetic point of view this encourages you to take a few minutes to have a quiet time and fill it in.

I am a big believer that ANY reason that causes me to have a quiet time, is a good reason. If you are struggling to start the habit and you are encouraged to have a quiet time to make your planner pretty, just do it! As you develop your habit, you will be hungry for the Word, but anything that gets you started is worth it.

Creates an intentional place in your to do list for spiritual growth.

This is so helpful. Every one of us has busy and chaotic weeks. It is so tempting to let quiet time fall through the cracks in favor of sleep, errands, or anything else. The Hope Planner gives first priority with its format to a spiritual time each day.

Causes you to spend a few minutes mentally preparing for your day.

The Hope Planner leaves plenty of space for a daily to do list, hourly schedule, tracking for water and vitamins. It even has a place to write in dinner plans. I loved taking a few minutes at the end of my quiet time to pray over my plans for the day and give them to God.

The Hope Planner is Easy to Personalize

It’s so easy to make this planner your own. It is undated, so you can start it any time of the year. It has lots of places to add your own touches of color and personality. It’s a very beautiful planner, but leaves space for you to do as much or as little embellishment as you like.

What the Hope Planner Doesn’t do:

No planner could be a perfect fit for everyone. Here are some things that might not work for you if they are deal breakers for you in a planner.

It doesn’t have a weekly spread

If you have to see your whole week at a glance you might have trouble making this planner work. It has a monthly spread and a page for each day. It does have a page at the beginning of each week for weekly plans. You might be able to make this page your week at a glance page and then use the daily pages for quiet time and daily planning.

It Isn’t Set up For You

If dating and filling in a planner sounds tedious to you, you might not love this planner. It comes blank and I love that you could start it any day of the year without wasting any pages, but if you don’t like the idea of taking a little time up front to fill it in, you might be happier with a different planner. Also, if you already journal during a quiet time and you generally use a lot of space, this might not be enough space for what you want to write.

Sum it Up- My Opinion of the Hope Planner

My final Review of the Hope Planner is that this is totally worth it if you are trying to establish a quiet time habit. You might love this planner if you already enjoy journaling, if you like using a planner with daily pages, or if you want to start journaling daily during your quiet time. I think this planner would be useful for reminding yourself daily to take a few minutes to have a quiet time.

You might not love the Hope Planner if you don’t want to give up your weekly spread and you don’t want to create your own on the page provided in the Hope Planner. If you already journal during your quiet time and you are a long winded writer, this might not be enough space for you.

Don’t forget to check out my post on why I make the effort to get up before my kids so I make sure to have a consistent quiet time.

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  • Wendy @ One Exceptional Life

    This sounds like a great planner, Danell. I miss using planners like these in my life due to disability, but I love hearing how you include your quiet time and adding it into your journal. Thanks for sharing.

    October 21, 2019 at 10:31 am Reply
    • danellsteffen

      Thanks Wendy!

      October 21, 2019 at 9:04 pm Reply

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