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Work Towards Spiritual Growth

Work Towards Spiritual Growth, New Beginnings part 2

December 24, 2019

These past month did not go like I planned. I had big plans that, no matter what I tried, just wouldn’t pan out. I’m actually thankful. If there’s one word that can describe what it’s like to work towards spiritual growth, it’s change. God definitely changed the direction I was headed in with this blog for the next year.

Even though I pray about goals whether they are directly related to my spiritual growth, or whether they are not really spiritual in nature (aka exercise etc.) I feel like spiritual growth goals take a different perspective than other goals. If you missed my last post about praying over your goals for next year, you might want to start here first.

For some people, knowing how to work towards spiritual growth would be like handing me a pair of tweezers and asking me to move a pile of dirt. It’s overwhelming, it’s hard, and I don’t know where to start!

It is so important when you set a goal, to set specific, measurable goals. But how you you set a specific goal related to your prayer life? What is measurable about serving at church? I want to help break this down a little so that it’s not so overwhelming.

What is Spiritual Growth?

I’ve written about spiritual growth before, and you might find it helpful to read a more in-depth explanation. I’m going to run through these as a summary.

I see five main areas of spiritual growth in my own life.

  1. Bible Engagement- In a nutshell, this is how you encounter the Bible and how often you encounter it.
  2. Prayer Life- Prayer can range from a rote dinner time prayer, to a rich and long plea for your church to grow and lots in between. How varied is your prayer life? How does it affect the rest of your life?
  3. Fellowship- This goes a little beyond your monthly potluck after Sunday worship. By this I mean how does God shape your encounters and involvement with other believers?
  4. Ministry/Service- If you only pour water into a pond it becomes a stagnant, stinking mess. You need an outpouring from your life as well. How are you helping to spread the Gospel message.
  5. Relationship With God- How do all these parts fit together? How important is it to you that God have a part in all areas of your life?

Of course all of these areas can be broken down much further. Scripture memory, prayer for church leadership, many things can go into a healthy spiritual life.

How to Begin.

It all circles back to the beginning. How can these become measurable and specific goals that you can pray over for next year? I want to offer you help in two ways that I’m really excited to announce!

1. I am developing a Spiritual Growth Workshop that I am really excited to share with you! This will be a course that you can use at your own pace to identify and approach these five areas of spiritual growth. This workshop is still in process, but I’m hoping to have it ready soon in January!

2. I will be opening a Facebook group geared towards Discipleship and accountability. It will be for encouragement in reaching the goals you set, and community with others who want to commit to grow spiritually over this next year. You can find the Facebook group here!

Everyone has an area to grow in. I am praying over the goals I want to set for myself for next year also. Some examples of spiritual growth goals might include:

  • Picking a few memory verses to memorize each month.
  • Choosing a Bible reading plan to go through during the next year.
  • Asking your pastor how you can serve in your church.
  • Going to another believer to ask for accountability or discipleship.
  • Choose a person who is not a believer to pray specifically for every day this year.
  • Join the FaithplusFamily Mom’s Discipleship group on Facebook so you have accountability and community.

Work Towards Spiritual Growth

I hope that you will consider this course or group with an open heart. I stepped on my own toes a few times while I have been working on these spiritual growth projects. It’s hard to think honestly about where I need to stretch over the next year. Growth can be uncomfortable and messy, but it’s easier when you don’t have to do it alone!

Work Towards Spiritual Growth

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