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Free Quiet Time Tools You Probably Aren't Using

Free Quiet Time Tools You (probably) Aren’t Using

April 20, 2020

Quiet time tools that you can use for free are everywhere now! Every now and then I am overwhelmed at the sheer amount of resources available to me today. Even ten years ago, if I wanted to listen to the Bible in my car while I drive, I would have had to purchase expensive cds to do so. I don’t know when the Bible.Is app was first released (the Bible app I use in my car), but I certainly didn’t know about it when I first got my smartphone.

So I want to share with you a few quiet time tools that you can use for free. Some of these are useful for motivation, others are useful for getting more out of your time. Some are common sense, but I often forget to use common sense!

Quiet Time Tools:

1. The Bible Project

This is one of my favorite quiet time tools from last year! The Bible Project makes amazing, short videos that are meant to help you connect each passage you read to the big story of the Bible. They have a video overview for each book of the Bible that tells about how it fits into the big story line. They also have videos on big themes that you find through the Bible, such as holiness. I really can’t say enough about these guys, they are always making new videos and I have yet to see one that didn’t help me appreciate the Bible in some way. If you aren’t sure what to watch first, start with their How to read the Bible series, or search for a video over the book you are currently reading.

2. Set Yourself up for Success

Now I want to mention a tool that you might not automatically think of. The biggest thing that I have to do in order to have a quiet time, is to get myself set up the night before by getting to bed at a reasonable time. If I stay up late on my phone or watching TV, my quiet time is not going to be as fruitful, even if I do manage to drag myself out of bed.

This is my daily appointment with God, and I want to treat it with the respect it deserves. This might mean not leaving so much to the last minute in the evening. It might mean that you have to decide what has a greater priority in your life- one more TV show…. or meeting with God. See if you can get yourself to bed thirty minutes earlier tonight. Think now about what that will take, and set reminders on your phone or whatever you need to do to make it happen.

3. Pick a Plan

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has sat down to read my Bible and not really known where to begin. There are so many Bible reading plans available. When I want to pick a new Bible reading plan, I turn to the YouVersion Bible app. It has thousands of Bible reading plans, but don’t get overwhelmed at the amount of choices! Simply search ‘read through the Bible’ and choose from those. If you pick a plan to read through the Bible in a year (or longer) you don’t have to think about what to read when you pick up the Bible for a long time!

The plan I like best actually incorporates another tool from this list. If you choose ‘The Bible Project The Bible’ plan, you will read through the Bible in a year and when there is a corresponding video from the Bible Project, it includes it at the beginning of your days’ reading. If you are interested in more about how to have a quiet time, check out this post.

4. Your Library

Stay with me here. Sometimes life happens and you need, I mean desperately NEED to have an hour where no one asks you to find their shoes. No one has to have their face wiped, and you aren’t in charge of making sure no one goes to the emergency in a freak roller skating on the stairs accident (this actually happened).

Gather your Bible and your notebook and pen and head to the library while your husband or mom watches your kids. Or, take the kids with you, get them all seated with a pile of books and spend some time with God. Think outside the box for ways you can be with him long enough to be renewed and refreshed.

5. Steal Back the Minutes of Your Day

You have minutes all through every day that you aren’t using. Look for them with an eagle eye. While you wait for your toast, can you review one memory verse? On your way to work can you listen to a few chapters of the Bible?

I prefer to use Bible.Is in my car. This Bible app allows me to download a book of the Bible to my phone so that I don’t have to use data to stream the audio. They have tons of versions in many languages. They have recently added some amazing features. For example, you can create your own Bible reading plan, or a playlist of passages.

6. Kids Bible App

If you are a mom who has tried to have a quiet time, you likely have been interrupted by your children. I don’t have something that will keep this from happening, but you can use this tool to get back to your quiet time without throwing up your hands and giving up. YouVersion has a free kids Bible app. It has Bible stories that it reads aloud along with fun animation for your kids. If they get up and interrupt you, set them up with their own quiet time, slap on your headphones to block out the noise and get back to business.

7. Get Some Accountability

God created us to seek each other. Alone I am susceptible to discouragement, but with accountability I can reach out to others to be encouraged. If you don’t have someone you can ask for accountability, check out my Facebook group- FaithplusFamily Mom’s Discipleship Group.

The purpose of this group is to encourage each other as moms, to seek spiritual growth. Each month we look at a different theme that has to do with spiritual growth and encourage each other as we grow. I’d love for you to join our community!

Free Quiet Time Tools You Probably Aren't Using

Comment below with your favorite quiet time tool!

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  • Jennifer DeFrates

    I use the YouVersion app all the time and have watch so many of the BIble Project videos! Another great resource is the BlueLetterBible app. You can read commentary or look at a concordance, see the original Hebrew and Greek. It’s pretty awesome. But my best resource was the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible. Really helpful for me to understand the greater context of what was happening and the subtle references the original audiences would have understood, but we do not, like styles of speaking in court for Paul, or farming techniques for parables, etc.

    April 30, 2020 at 12:45 pm Reply
    • danellsteffen

      I LOVE the Blue letter app! There are so many resources now, I’m so thankful!

      April 30, 2020 at 7:57 pm Reply
  • Liz

    I have really been struggling with #2 lately! These are great ideas!

    April 30, 2020 at 12:48 pm Reply
    • danellsteffen

      Well we’ve all been there, glad you liked it!

      April 30, 2020 at 7:56 pm Reply

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