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    7 Reasons to Memorize Scripture

    7 Reasons to Memorize Scripture

    November 6, 2018

    As a teenager memorizing scripture came so easily to me. In fact, I can still recall some verses I committed to memory when I was 14. As I get older it has become more and more difficult to learn verses.

    Over the last four to five years I have also struggled with migraines and candida, making it even more difficult to concentrate and memorize. Many days during the worst of my migraines, I found it difficult to even read, much less try to commit verses to memory.

    Is it Worth it?

    Why should we even memorize verses? It takes so much effort, I forget them if I don’t review them. The passage I use as motivation to memorize is Psalm 19:7-10. From this passage I get seven reasons to memorize scripture.

    Because God’s word:

    1. Revives the soul
    2. Makes me wise
    3. Gives joy to my heart
    4. Enlightens my eyes
    5. Endures forever
    6. Is more precious than gold

    Memorizing Scripture Revives the Soul

    Two verses I lean on again and again are Lamentations 3:22-23 and Psalm 121:1. These are the verses I say to myself on the days when life is hard and I want to give up. If I hadn’t memorized them I would not have the specific comfort of reminding myself that I can try again today even if I failed yesterday, and that God is in control when my life seems out of control.

    His word is perfect. There is no other explanation for the fact that it is capable of reviving my soul thousands of years after it was written.

    Memorizing Scripture Makes me Wise

    When Jesus walked in the wilderness and Satan came to tempt him, Satan used scripture to try to trap Jesus. Jesus recognized that the scriptures were out of context and being misused. Health and wealth pastors often take verses out of context for their own gain. A wise look at scripture shows that God loves us, but that does not guarantee that life will always be rosy. I want to know scripture well enough that I can discern when someone is trying to twist God’s word for their own gain.

    Memorizing Scripture Gives Joy to my Heart

    The Bible is so full of joy. So many verses tell me God is my father, that he sees me. I could list verse after verse here. God is in control and he has already won the battle we are fighting here on this earth. Friend, we have reason to rejoice.

    7 Reasons to Memorize Scripture

    Memorizing Scripture Enlightens my Eyes

    Scripture memory gives me a better understanding of the character of God. It reminds me that he is unchanging and constant in the whirlwind that is my life. It reminds me that my struggle is not with people and things that I can see, but with powers beyond my sight. It moves me to prayer.

    Memorizing Scripture Shows me That God’s Word is Unchanging

    I touched on this above, but not only is God unchanging, he has given us a word that stands the test of time. Verses like Ephesians 5:4 are just as convicting when I am not careful of what I say, as they were when they were written.

    Passages that speak about handling grief and sorrow are just as comforting. Don’t forget to be in awe of the scripture, the word that help you through the death of a loved one were written thousands of years ago. That is awe inspiring.

    Memorizing Scripture Reminds me How Precious is His Word

    It does not take long if you read about Christians who have been persecuted for their faith to sense the preciousness of God’s word. Believers in prison speak of finding a part or all of a Bible and hiding it even though it could cost them their life if it is discovered. How precious are the scriptures you hide in your heart and mind!

    But How?

    I think this is the biggest struggle for busy first world believers. Our lives are so saturated with technology. Our phone is always in our hand, or we are driving to another after school event, or we are trying to catch up on life! The short answer is that there is no short answer. It takes time and energy to commit scripture to memory. It has to become more important than the other things you could do with that time.

    1. Immerse Yourself

    If you aren’t spending time in the word, how will you know it? We have more resources available than at any time in history, and also more excuses. There are a half dozen Bible apps equipped with audio. I love the Bible.Is app because it can be downloaded to your phone. You can download it by the chapter or by the book so you don’t have to have the entire Bible on your phone. Choose a passage and listen to it on the way to work every day and again on the way home. Try to say it aloud with the speaker.

    2. Write it

    Get a cheap notebook and write out a scripture you want to memorize. Write it again and again. When you can write it without looking, add the next verse in the passage. Write it everyday until you know it. Write the one you learned last week and last month.

    3. Review it

    I knew one woman who would say her verses in her mind whenever she would exercise. She would start with Genesis and say each verse in order until she got through the verses she knew from the entire Bible. Some use an index card file to review verses each month, this method works great if you feel like you struggle with time to review all your verses every day. However you do it, make the time to review or you will lose most of what you memorize.

    If you don’t know where to start, memorize Psalm 19:7-10 and use it as motivation to keep memorizing verses.  Start small, you can do this!

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