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Kids Christmas Discipleship Bundle

Every Christmas I am surrounded by reminders of the story of the Gospel. I look at my kids and I want them to love Christ with their whole heart. I want them to be grateful for what they have. I’m excited for my kids to understand that why we celebrate Christmas has nothing to do with the latest toy and all of the hype in media. The Kids Christmas Discipleship Bundle is a tool you can use to celebrate Christ in Christmas. It will give you great chances to have Gospel conversations with your kids.

Daily Devotions Geared Towards Discipleship

I created this bundle to give me a focus point for each day of December. It contains a daily Scripture to read and a devotion to help kids understand the big story of the Bible; God’s redemption of man.

As kids begin to piece together the story of Jesus and how his death and resurrection fills our desperate need for a Savior the devotions touch on some important foundations of our faith. Why is prayer important? Is it important to read the Bible everyday?

Whether your kids have a solid foundation of faith already, or are beginning to learn about God, this bundle is a great tool to use to teach the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

The last few days leading up to Christmas, we will learn about the beautiful story of Christ’s birth. Kid’s will see how Jesus was different from other prophets and leaders.

Christmas Discipleship Bundle

Bonus Activities, Crafts, and Songs

Christmas is too fun not to have a few crafts and fun things too! The bundle is full of fun bonus activities, service ideas, and hands on activities to reinforce what your kids are doing.

Each day includes a song link that goes along with the story so that you and your family can worship God together.

Missions Emphasis

Featured throughout the Kids Christmas Discipleship Bundle are Nativity sets from across the globe. Fun facts about what Christmas looks like for those countries teaches kids about missions in a fun way. You can begin to encourage your kids to pray for all peoples and broaden their understanding of what the world is like for other believers.

What’s Included in the Kids Discipleship Bundle?

  • Daily devotions with Scripture reading.
  • Song links to go with each lesson.
  • Bonus crafts, activities and recipes.
  • Christmas around the world facts.
  • A reading plan for you, the parent to go along with the kids devotions.

Start December 1 and begin a tradition of Christ centered conversations for the heart of the Christmas season.

Get it here.

Kids Christmas Discipleship Bundle

November 6, 2019