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Kid’s Christmas Discipleship Bundle


The Kid’s Christmas Discipleship Bundle is a devotional bundle with 25 devotions for December, leading up to Christmas Day. It contains Christ centered activities, games, recipes and more. Everything is geared towards making Jesus the center of the Christmas season.

The Kid’s Christmas Discipleship Bundle is a complete discipleship tool for you to use this Christmas season. It is simple to use and won’t take up a lot of time and energy to complete with your kids. The devotions included begin with Genesis to give an overview of the big story of the Bible. It helps kids fit the birth of Jesus into the biblical narrative, and understand it’s purpose there.

The Kid’s Christmas Discipleship Bundle contains all of these resources:

  • 25 daily devotions written for children and linked with Scripture, leading up to Christmas day.
  • 25 daily song links to reinforce the Scripture message of the day.
  • Fun activities and crafts to underline specific lessons.
  • Simple holiday recipes to make with your kids.
  • Fun facts about Christmas in other countries.
  • A parent reading plan that expands on the day’s reading.

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