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    7 Prayer Journal Prompts for the Week Before Christmas

    7 Prayer Journal Prompts for the Week Before Christmas

    December 18, 2018

    Keeping a prayer journal is something that I sometimes do and sometimes don’t. There have been times in my life when I kept a notebook and wrote out prayers each day. Other times I have followed Priscilla Shirer’s example and posted my prayers to come back to over and over.

    I wanted to focus my prayer life this week on praising and thanking God for sending Jesus to earth. I also wanted to end the year by asking God to help me focus on what is important, and to look beyond my usual requests of him.

    So, as we close in on the week leading up to Christmas, I thought I’d make a list of seven prayer journal prompts to finish out these last few days. Use these prompts to focus your prayer life on celebrating what God did in sending his Son for us.

    1. Read Luke 1:5-17

    Write a prayer of praise for God’s sovereignty. Just as God knew the perfect time for the perfect couple to give birth to John so that he could proclaim the coming Messiah, God has beautifully orchestrated your life. Thank God for his perfect timing and for his hand guiding your steps.

    2. Read Luke 1:18-24

    Write a prayer that God will show you the areas of your life where you have not put your trust in him. Pray that he will change your heart to submit to him.

    3. Read Luke 1:26-38

    Write a love letter to God thanking him for the amazing way that he has provided a way for humanity to come  back from separation into relationship with him.

    4. Read Luke 1:39-56

    List specific blessings God has put in your life. Thank him for each one. Write a prayer of gratitude for all he has given you.

    5. Read Luke 2:1-20

    Pray for someone in your life who does not know God’s love. Ask God to give you boldness to share it with them this Christmas.

    6. Read Luke 2:21-35

    Ask God to help you wait patiently for his perfect timing as Simeon did. Commit to trust him as you wait for his hand to work in your life.

    7. Read Matthew 27:30-54, 28:5-8

    Write all that is on your heart today, use praise, supplication and adoration. He was born to die for us, but that is not the end, he is alive!

    I hope that you will be intentional with your time this Christmas. Take some time to reflect on what it took for Jesus to come to the earth and walk in our place before dying on the cross. If you begin these today, you will finish up on Christmas Eve, or if you begin tomorrow you will finish up Christmas morning!

    If you haven’t yet, be sure to download the family Advent Celebration, it would make a great Christmas Eve tradition!

    7 Prayer Journal Prompts for the Week Before Christmas

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