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    10 Bible Study Tools Anyone Can Use

    10 Bible Study Tools Anyone Can Use

    April 9, 2019

    Really you can sit down with your Bible and a highlighter and have very meaningful Bible study. However, sometimes it’s fun to have a few extra things along for your Bible study. I made a list of some of the Bible study tools I like to have when I plan to spend some time digging in the Word.

    If you missed my last post on why it is important to study the Bible, you may want to read it first.

    Study Bibles

    This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure here.

    Your Bible is your most important Bible study tool! If you don’t know what kind of Study Bible to go get, I highly recommend an ESV (English Standard Version) Study Bible. This is a great translation and it will help you so much in your studies. a good study Bible has an introduction at the beginning of each book that gives extra insight into lots of background things for the text!

    I also love the Inductive Study Bible, this is also an ESV but a little different than your average Study Bible. It suggests questions to ask as you read the text, provides key words to look for, and is full of worksheets to complete as you read.

    The Holman Illustrated Study Bible has color pictures of photographs and paintings that show historical sites and paintings of biblical events. I also feel like the introductions go the extra mile to help set up the text.

    The Word in Life Study Bible is a New King James translation. It has a shorter introduction for each book, but has so many side notes in the text. I love all the extra info, but it can be a little cumbersome sometimes because there is just as much extra text as biblical text on a lot of the pages. Still, it love the extra info I can find in this Bible so sometimes its worth wading through.


    Marking Tools

    I use colored pencils to mark the text of my Inductive Study Bible. Pens would work. The important thing is to be fairly consistent as you study. If you are going to mark verses about faith with red, then stick to that as long as you have this Bible to help avoid confusion. If you search Bible marking system you will find dozens of suggestions. Just pick one and stick with it.


    I use a simple composition notebook. You don’t have to be fancy. In fact, I find that the less fancy, the more sustainable. I can grab extra composition notebooks around back to school time for less than a dollar.

    10 Bible Study Tools Anyone Can Use

    Apps for Studying the Bible

    I love that technology is making it easier for the average person to study the Bible!! There are so many translations available to access for free now. I use a couple different apps for Bible study. All these apps are free, though some have paid features you can opt for.


    I love this app for listening to the Bible. There are dozens of translations and hundreds of languages available. The best thing about this app is that you can download the chapter or book you want to listen to so that you don’t have to use data. I use this feature when there is a book I want to study, I can listen through the audio several times to become familiar with it.

    Olive Tree and You Version

    These are both helpful, I love the reading plans on You Version. I noticed some reading plans on Olive Tree also, but I haven’t looked at theirs. The awesome thing about Olive Tree is that you can click cross references and footnotes in the text. It makes it so easy to look up several cross references for one passage. It has paid features such as commentaries also if you decide to go even further in your study.

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    This may not seem like a Bible study tool at first, but I use this app often! I use it to look up the definitions of English words I want to clarify. Even though I know generally what a word means, I can look it up for a more specific definition. For a free app, this is worth the download for Bible Study.

    Bible Memory Verses

    This app is just what it sounds like, an app to help you memorize Bible verses. With this app you can choose a verse from their long list of verses, or you can copy and paste your own. You can have the app remove random words or only show you the reference to quiz yourself.

    Get Started

    If you have not signed up for my free course on how to study the Bible, I highly recommend you go ahead and sign up. Even if you feel like you don’t have the perfect Study Bible, get started today! This course is so easy to follow, and only takes a few minutes each day to learn the tools I teach. If you are interested, click here to learn more!

    Free course, How to Study the Bible
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