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    Bible Study With Kids

    Bible Study With Kids

    March 5, 2019

    Kids are messy. They don’t color between the lines, they leave their clothes on the floor, they announce to strangers in public restrooms what they just did.The idea of sitting down with my kids to study the Bible can get overwhelming. But in order to pass my faith on to the next generation, I can’t afford to take the chance of waiting!

    Bible Study With Kids Looks Different Than Your Private Bible Study

    I love that kids see the world through different eyes than my adult ones. A child feels sad about the animals that died so that God could make clothes for Adam and Eve when they left the Garden of Eden. I never gave it much thought, but those were creatures that Adam named and cared for. Adam and Eve had never seen blood spilled, and now it was spilled because of their mistake. Adam and Eve probably grieved those animals. I had missed that.

    Let your kids have a chance to point out what they liked or didn’t like about the story you read. Listen for flags that show their fears and questions they don’t verbalize. Let their perspective sink in and see if it opens a new aspect of a story you have read many times.

    Bible Study With Kids Forces You to Grow

    Kids will ask questions that you never expect. Some will be silly and some will be easy for you to answer. Then they will ask one you never thought of and you might have to search for the answer or get back to them. This is great! Never in your life should you stop investigating the Bible. Let your kids know that you are still learning and being changed by God, this is what their own adult life should look like someday!

    Bible Study With Kids is Fun

    Kids are sponges. Reading the Bible with them is a sweet experience and quite frankly it’s just fun. You will find misconceptions that your kids adorably heard through their child-like ears. You will learn together, and you will find that you are surprised by what they really understand.

    How to Study the Bible With Kids

    1. Start when they are young.

    This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure here.

    From the earliest board books, tell your kids Bible stories. Point at the rainbow after it rains and remind them of Noah and God’s promises. They don’t have to fully understand, just plant the seeds in their hearts. When mine were less than a year they would sit and listen to short stories.

    We used the Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes to read short Bible stories. You can go through the book several times over the first couple years of your child’s life. Then we switched to The Day by Day Begin to Read Bible. This is by far my favorite children’s Bible because of its versatility. It reads well to young three and four year olds, but doesn’t sound juvenile to older siblings. Then in early elementary your child can read the stories to you, there is a place to put a sticker each time they read a story themselves.

    2. Sit down and read as a part of your routine.

    If you read to them at bedtime, or at dinnertime or whenever, just make it a part of your routine. The great thing about kids is that they love to know what is coming next. My husband reads from the Bible nightly at dinnertime, and we can count on our kids to remember for us! Routine is comforting to kids. Let the study of God’s word be a part of your everyday lives.

    Bible Study With Kids

    3. Talk about the Bible

    After we read Ken allows the girls to say what they liked or didn’t like about the story, and to ask questions. Many times they will point out a verse they heard before in Sunday School, or express sadness for a person’s bad choice. Interacting with the passage helps them to process it and to remember it. They ask questions if they have them and we talk about the answer. The kids lead us in how long this takes. If they have lots to say, we let it keep going, If they are ready to move on, we do.

    4. Let your Bible study grow with your kids.

    Now that my twins are 10, we have switched from a children’s Bible to reading directly from scripture. They have their own New International Reader’s Version Bibles, but Ken reads to our family from ESV. H listens well  and understands a lot, and the older girls are growing from studying with us.

    However you add Bible study you your family’s routine, the effort is worth it! You will be blessed as much as your children will. Follow me on Instagram to see my live videos on how to study the Bible and to see more about these Bible resources for your kids.

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